BMH Cancer CentreWe are committed to provide superior, comprehensive and compassionate cancer care to our patients under the guidance of highly experienced Oncologists and support from dedicated nurses, technologists and other staff.

BMH Cancer Centre

The centre at BMH is home to outstanding, nationally‐acclaimed oncologists who collaborate across the full spectrum of cancer care from basic biology to medical, surgical and radiation oncology. With well established protocols, our experts have built a system that makes world‐class diagnosis, treatment and followup of cancer patients, affordable to all.

The centre provides comprehensive treatment options to manage all types of cancer. State‐of‐the‐art diagnostic and therapeutic technologies are available at the centre to provide optimal care to cancer patients from early detection to removal of cancer cells from the body through medical, surgical and radiation methods. Evidence based personalised treatment plans are offered to each individual. Through a collaborative approach at each stage of diagnosis and treatment, experts from different specialties analyse the condition of each patient and finalise the treatment plan that gives the best outcome for the patient. Every treatment procedure is initiated by counselling the patient in order to evoke hope and confidence in them. We ensure complete wellbeing of the patient during the treatment through proper dietary & rehabilitation advice.

The state‐of‐the‐art nuclear medicine facilities at the centre uses hybrid imaging techniques in diagnosing disorders with high accuracy and administering nuclear therapy.

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